I am a Lecturer in Languages Education at the University of Sheffield, where I direct the international Postgraduate Certificate in Education and follow-on Masters programme, teach across a variety of programmes, and supervise research students in the field of languages education.

My name is Sabine Little, and I am a lecturer in Languages Education at the University of Sheffield. My main and over-arching research interest is in the field of heritage language learners and identity - I am interested how families who speak multiple languages in the home navigate these languages, and what this means for individual family members' sense of identity and well-being. Language is an integral part of identity, but is a very personal experience, even within the same family, so my work focuses on helping families and policy-makers understand issues and pressures faced by heritage language families, and to develop holistic support opportunities.I have been involved in numerous projects, attracting funding from ERASMUS, the UK Literacy Association, Booktrust, JISC, the British Academy, the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the Society for Educational Studies, and the Royal Academy of Engineering.

I regularly lead public engagement events, sharing my research with the wider community, particularly teachers, families and children. Research should belong to the researched, and the opportunities to feed back to participant communities and engage with those interested in research outcomes are particularly important to me.

In 2018, together with Sheffield Libraries, and the support of heritage language schools, authors, illustrators, publishers, translators, and the local community, I established a multilingual children's section in Sheffield's Children's Library, hosting a number of events, and a multilingual reading scheme (funded by the AHRC) throughout the year.

I update the blog on this site more or less successfully/regularly - the most regular updates happen on Twitter @sabinelittle. I am always happy to be contacted there and via email s.little@sheffield.ac.uk