• Sabine Little

A Multilingual Children's Library for Sheffield - and a call for help!

Thanks to the amazing turnout at Sheffield's first Multilingual Book Day, work is now afoot to introduce a very exciting addition to Sheffield's Central Children's Library - a multilingual section with about 500 books in varying languages, on various topics, and for a variety of age ranges.

The new section will be housed in the central Children's Library, with books being part of the main library catalogue, meaning they can be borrowed, returned, and ordered via Sheffield's other libraries, just like any other book. The project is a fantastic step forward in seeing children being able to access books in their home languages, and forms a pilot project against which future developments can be charted. Seeing books in their home languages in a central, public space increases the perceived status of home languages - at the Multilingual Book Day, parents commented how rewarding it was to visit the Children's Library for a storytelling event in their home language/s.

The new library section is funded through book donations, and so, we (Sheffield Libraries and I) are looking for good quality children and teen books, in *any language other than English*. The pilot will seek to stock a variety of languages and topics, and track usage to identify a future for the project.

Whether you have one book or a box full, please contact me, Sabine Little, School of Education, University of Sheffield (s.little@sheffield.ac.uk) for more information, and to arrange a handover.

NB: Final selection of books will be made to ensure variety and good quality. Any books not used will either be donated to other libraries, to community groups, community language schools, or to families at future multilingual storytelling events.